3 Jan 10

The net casino business in the UK has increased two fold in 5 years, with greater than a million punters commonly gambling over the internet. According to a poll executed by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, UK gamblers make up around 1/3rd of the Old World’s estimated total of 3 300 000 net gamblers.

The average cash figure bet by every bettor is approximated at one thousand pounds, with the European sector now worth £3 500 000 000 annually.

Amidst the seventy web gambling sites in the United Kingdom, few are gaming web sites promoting casino card games such as poker and chemin de fer. A majority of the globe’s 2,000 web gambling casinos are stationed in locations with dubious online wagering codes. Antigua and Costa Rica account for more than one thousand sites between them.

The Gov’t in the United Kingdom is hoping to introduce practices and a tax system to streamline the functioning of the online gaming industry. With such regulatory framework in place, online gambling activities would be observed and the industry will acquire even bigger penetration in the next few years.

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